Fairy Tail stažení


Season / Série 1

1.Fairy TailZde
2.The Fire Dragon, the Monkey, and the OxZde
3.Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!Zde
4.Dear KabyZde
5.The Armored MageZde
6.Fairies in the WindZde
7.Flame and WindZde
8.The Strongest TeamZde
9.Natsu Eats a Village!Zde
10.Natsu vs ErzaZde
11.The Cursed Island!Zde
12.Moon DripZde
13.Natsu vs Yuka "The Wave"!Zde
14.Do What You Must!Zde
15.Eternal MagicZde
16.Galuna Island, the Final Battle!Zde
18.Todoke, Ano Sora niZde
20.Natsu and the Dragon EggZde
21.The Ghost GovernerZde
22.Lucy HeartfiliaZde
23.15 MinutesZde
24.To Keep From Seeing Those TearsZde
25.A Flower Blooms in the RainZde
26.Wings of FlameZde
27.The Two Dragon SlayersZde
28.Fairy LawZde
29.My ResolveZde
30.Next GenerationZde
31.A Star Removed from the SkyZde
32.Celestial Spirit KingZde
33.The Tower of HeavenZde
35.Voice of DarknessZde
36.Heaven's GameZde
37.Armor of the HeartZde
39.Give Our Prayers to the Sacred LightZde
40.Titania FallsZde
42.Battle of Fairy TailZde
43.Defeat Your Friends to Save Your FriendsZde
44.Thunder PalaceZde
45.Advent of SatanZde
46.Clash at Kardia Cathedral!Zde
47.Triple DragonsZde

Season / Série 2

1.The Day of Fated MeetingZde
2.Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You LikeZde
3.Love & LuckyZde
4.Allied Forces, Assemble!Zde
5.Enter the Oración Seis!Zde
6.Maiden of the SkyZde
7.The Girl and the GhostZde
8.Dead Grand PrixZde
10.Celestial SkirmishZde
11.Jellal of Days Gone ByZde
12.March to DestructionZde
13.Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra!Zde
14.Wizard Saint JuraZde
15.Your WordsZde
17.From Pegasus to FairiesZde
18.The Power of FeelingsZde
19.I'm with YouZde
20.A Guild for OneZde
21.Call of the DragonZde
22.Natsu vs. Gray!!Zde
23.Friendship Overcomes the DeadZde
24.A Fairy Tail WizardZde
25.Rainbow Cherry BlossomsZde
26.Wendy's First Big Job!?Zde
27.24-Hour Endurance Road RaceZde
29.Earth LandZde
31.Fairy HunterZde
32.Key of HopeZde
34.Welcome HomeZde
36.Fly, to Our Friends!Zde
37.Code ETDZde
38.Erza vs. ErzaZde
39.These Are Lives!!!!Zde
40.For Pride's Sake, the River of StarsZde
41.The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain CannonZde
42.The Boy Back ThenZde
43.Dragon SenseZde
44.O Living OnesZde
45.I'm Standing Right HereZde
46.Bye-Bye EdolasZde
48.He Who Extinguishes LifeZde

Season / Série 3

1.Best PartnersZde
2.Who's the Lucky One?Zde
3.Natsu vs. GildartsZde
5.Black WizardZde
6.Iron SoulZde
7.Makarov StrikesZde
8.Lost MagicZde
9.Fire Dragon vs. Flame GodZde
10.The Ultimate Magic WorldZde
11.Arc of EmbodimentZde
12.The Door of HumansZde
13.Lucy FireZde
14.Dead-End of DespairZde
15.The Tears of Love and LifeZde
16.The One Thing I Couldn't SayZde
17.Tenrou TreeZde
18.Erza vs. AzumaZde
19.Frozen SpiritZde
20.The Power That Becomes LifeZde
21.Thunder CrashesZde
22.The Man Without the MarkZde
23.Realm of the AbyssZde
24.Daybreak at Tenrou IslandZde
25.The Right to LoveZde
26.Let's Join HandsZde
27.X791 Fairy TailZde
28.The Empty Seven YearsZde
29.Magic Dance BallZde
30.The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt GangZde
31.The Terror of Invisible LucyZde
32.Father's MementoZde
33.Raging Showdown! Natsu vs. LaxusZde
34.Targeted LucyZde
35.Legion's FiercenessZde
36.Key of the Starry HeavenZde
37.Traveling CompanionsZde
38.Labyrinth RhapsodyZde
39.Trail of the MythZde
40.The True Villain, Once AgainZde
41.That Which Exceeds CalculationZde
42.The Whereabouts of the CrusadeZde
43.The Moment That's ActivatedZde
44.Reborn Oración Seis Appears!Zde
45.Chase the Infinite Clock!Zde
46.The Dissonance of BattleZde
48.Unleashed DespairZde
49.Real NightmareZde
50.The Spiral of TimeZde
51.To the Infinity Castle!Zde
52.The Angel's TearsZde
53.A Friend's Voice Is HeardZde
54.Lucy and MichelleZde