Last Hope / Juushinki Pandora stažení


Season / Série 1

1.The Evolving DestroyerZde
2.The Opener of the BoxZde
3.Neo Xianglong 2038Zde
4.Operation Howl BreakthroughZde
5.The Enemy AboveZde
6.The Wings of Grief and RevengeZde
7.The Phantom BearZde
8.The Blind Spot in the RainZde
9.Eye of the TigerZde
10.Red Flame RecollectionZde
11.Dr. Lon WuZde
12.Red God of DeathZde
13.The Cries of ChaosZde
14.The Tower of GrudgesZde
15.The Fierce God of GoldZde
16.The InnovatorZde
17.A Servant's PrideZde
18.Dueling BladesZde
19.The Awakening BeginsZde
20.The Target in the SkyZde
21.Reverberating SoulsZde
22.The Closed MountainZde
23.Ring of lifeZde
24.At the End of EvolutionZde
25.The Dark ShineZde
26.The Chosen FutureZde