Ženatý se závazky / Married with Children stažení




Season / Série 1

1.Pilot /Zde
2.Thinnergy /Zde
3.But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy /Zde
4.Whose Room is it Anyway? /Zde
5.Have You Driven a Ford Lately /Zde
6.Sixteen Years and What Do You Get /Zde
7.Married ... Without Children /Zde
8.The Poker Game /Zde
9.Peggy Sue Got Work /Zde
10.Al Loses His Cherry /Zde
11.Nightmare on Al's Street /Zde
12.Where's the Boss /Zde
13.Johnny Be Gone /Zde

Season / Série 2

1.Poppy's By the Tree (1) /Zde
2.Poppy's By the Tree (2) /Zde
3.If I Were a Rich Man /Zde
4.Buck Can Do It /Zde
5.Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1) /Zde
6.Girls Just Want to Have Fun (2) /Zde
7.For Whom the Bell Tolls /Zde
8.Born to Walk /Zde
9.Alley of the Dolls /Zde
10.The Razor's Edge /Zde
11.How Do You Spell Revenge? /Zde
12.Earth Angel /Zde
13.You Better Watch Out /Zde
14.Guys and Dolls /Zde
15.Build a Better Mousetrap /Zde
16.Master the Possibilities /Zde
17.Peggy Loves Al, Yeah Yeah, Yeah /Zde
18.The Great Escape /Zde
19.Im-Po-Dent /Zde
20.Just Married ... With Children /Zde
21.Father Lode /Zde
22.All in the Family /Zde

Season / Série 3

1.He Thought He Could /Zde
2.I'm Going to Sweatland /Zde
3.Poke High (aka The Red Grange Story) /Zde
4.The Camping Show (aka A Period Piece) /Zde
5.A Dump of My Own /Zde
6.Her Cups Runneth Over /Zde
7.The Bald and the Beautiful /Zde
8.The Gypsy Cried /Zde
9.Requiem for a Dead Barber /Zde
10.Eatin' Out /Zde
11.My Mom, the Mom /Zde
12.Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me (aka Kelly's Dance) /Zde
13.A Three Job, No Income Family /Zde
14.The Harder They Fall /Zde
15.The House That Peg Lost /Zde
16.Married ... with Prom Queen (1) /Zde
17.Married ... with Prom Queen: the Sequel (2) /Zde
18.The Dateless Amigo /Zde
19.The Computer Show /Zde
20.Life's a Beach /Zde
21.Here's Lookin' at You, Kid /Zde

Season / Série 4

1.Hot off the Grill /Zde
2.Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics /Zde
3.Buck Saves the Day /Zde
4.Tooth or Consequences /Zde
5.He Ain't Much, But He's Mine /Zde
6.Fair Exchange /Zde
7.Desperately Seeking Miss October /Zde
8.976-SHOE /Zde
9.Oh, What a Feeling /Zde
10.At the Zoo /Zde
11.It's a Bundyful Life (1) /Zde
12.It's a Bundyful Life (2) /Zde
13.Who'll Stop the Rain /Zde
14.A Taxing Problem /Zde
15.Rock and Roll Girl /Zde
16.You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em (1) /Zde
17.You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em (2) /Zde
18.What Goes Around Comes Around /Zde
19.Peggy Turns 300 /Zde
20.Peggy Made a Little Lamb /Zde
21.Raingirl /Zde
22.The Agony of Defeet /Zde
23.Yard Sale /Zde

Season / Série 5

1.We'll Follow the Sun /Zde
2.Al ... with Kelly /Zde
3.Sue Casa, His Casa /Zde
4.The Unnatural /Zde
5.The Dance Show /Zde
6.Kelly Bounces Back /Zde
7.Married ... with Aliens /Zde
8.Wabbit Season /Zde
9.Do Ya Think I'm Sexy /Zde
10.One Down, Two to Go /Zde
11.And Baby Makes Money /Zde
12.Married ... with Who /Zde
13.The Godfather /Zde
14.Look Who's Barking /Zde
15.A Man's Castle /Zde
16.All Night Security Dude /Zde
17.Oldies but Young 'Uns /Zde
18.Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers /Zde
19.Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do? /Zde
20.Top of the Heap /Zde
21.You Better Shop Around (1) /Zde
22.You Better Shop Around (2) /Zde
23.Route 666 (1) /Zde
24.Route 666 (2) /Zde
25.Buck the Stud /Zde

Season / Série 6

1.She's Having My Baby (1) /Zde
2.She's Having My Baby (2) /Zde
3.If Al Had a Hammer /Zde
4.Cheese, Cues and Blood /Zde
5.Looking for a Desk in All the Wrong Places /Zde
6.Buck Has a Belly Ache /Zde
7.If I Could See Me Now /Zde
8.God's Shoes /Zde
9.Kelly Does Hollywood (1) /Zde
10.Kelly Does Hollywood (2) /Zde
11.Al Bundy, Shoe Dick /Zde
12.So This is How Sinatra Felt /Zde
13.I Who Have Nothing /Zde
14.The Mystery of Skull Island /Zde
15.Just Shoe It /Zde
16.Rites of Passage /Zde
17.The Egg and I /Zde
18.My Dinner with Anthrax /Zde
19.Psychic Avengers /Zde
20.Hi I.Q. /Zde
21.Teacher Pets /Zde
22.The Goodbye Girl /Zde
23.The Gas Station Show /Zde
24.England Show (1) /Zde
25.England Show (2) /Zde
26.England Show (3) /Zde

Season / Série 7

1.Magnificent Seven /Zde
2.T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp /Zde
3.Every Bundy Has a Birthday /Zde
4.Al on the Rocks /Zde
5.What I Did for Love /Zde
6.Frat Chance /Zde
7.The Chicago Wine Party /Zde
8.Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore /Zde
9.Rock of Ages /Zde
10.Death of a Shoe Salesman /Zde
11.Old College Try /Zde
12.Christmas /Zde
13.The Wedding Show /Zde
14.It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This /Zde
15.Heels on Wheels /Zde
16.Mr. Empty Pants /Zde
17.You Can't Miss /Zde
18.Peggy and the Pirates /Zde
19.Go for the Old /Zde
20.Un-Alful Entry /Zde
21.Movie Show /Zde
22.'Til Death Do Us Part /Zde
23.Tis Time to Smell the Roses /Zde
24.Old Insurance Dodge /Zde
25.Wedding Repercussions /Zde
26.The Proposition /Zde

Season / Série 8

1.A Tisket, a Tasket, Can Peg Make a Basket? /Zde
2.Hood 'n the Boyz /Zde
3.Proud to Be Your Bud? /Zde
4.Luck of the Bundys /Zde
5.Banking on Marcy /Zde
6.No Chicken, No Check /Zde
7.Take My Wife, Please /Zde
8.Scared Single /Zde
9.NO MA'AM /Zde
10.Dances with Weezie /Zde
11.Change for a Buck /Zde
12.A Little off the Top /Zde
13.The Worst Noel /Zde
14.Sofa So Good /Zde
15.Honey, I Blew Up Myself /Zde
16.How Green was My Apple /Zde
17.Valentine's Day Massacre /Zde
18.Get Outta Dodge /Zde
19.Field of Screams /Zde
20.The D'Arcy Files /Zde
21.Nooner or Later /Zde
22.Ride Scare /Zde
23.The Legend of Ironhead Haynes /Zde
24.Assault and Batteries /Zde
25.Al Goes Deep /Zde
26.Kelly Knows Something /Zde

Season / Série 9

1.Shoeway to Heaven /Zde
2.Driving Mr. Boondy /Zde
3.Kelly Breaks Out /Zde
4.Naughty but Niece /Zde
5.Business Sucks (1) /Zde
6.Business Still Sucks (2) /Zde
7.Dial "B" for Virgin /Zde
8.Sleepless in Chicago /Zde
9.No Pot to Pease In /Zde
10.Dud Bowl /Zde
11.A Man for No Seasons /Zde
12.I Want My Psycho Dad (1) /Zde
13.I Want My Psycho Dad (2) /Zde
14.The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked /Zde
15.Kelly Takes a Shot /Zde
16.Get the Dodge Outta Hell /Zde
17.25 Years and What Do You Get? /Zde
18.Ship Happens (1) /Zde
19.Ship Happens (2) /Zde
20.Something Larry This Way Comes /Zde
21.And Bingo was Her Game-O /Zde
22.User Friendly /Zde
23.Pump Fiction /Zde
24.Radio Free Trumaine /Zde
25.Shoeless Al /Zde
26.The Undergraduate /Zde

Season / Série 10

1.Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner /Zde
2.A Shoe Room with a View /Zde
3.Requiem for a Dead Briard /Zde
4.Reverend Al /Zde
5.How Bleen was My Kelly /Zde
6.The Weaker Sex /Zde
7.Flight of the Bumblebee /Zde
8.Blonde and Blonder /Zde
9.The Two That Got Away /Zde
10.Dud Bowl II /Zde
11.Bearly Men /Zde
12.Love Conquers Al /Zde
13.I Can't Believe It's Butter /Zde
14.The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly (1) /Zde
15.The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly (2) /Zde
16.Calendar Girl /Zde
17.The Agony and the Extra C /Zde
18.Spring Break (1) /Zde
19.Spring Break (2) /Zde
20.Turning Japanese /Zde
21.Al Goes to the Dogs /Zde
22.Enemies /Zde
23.Bud Hits the Books /Zde
24.Kiss of the Coffee Woman /Zde
25.Torch Song Duet /Zde
26.The Joke's on Al / Zde

Season / Série 11

1.Twisted /Zde
2.Children of the Corns /Zde
3.Kelly's Gotta Habit /Zde
4.Requiem for a Chevyweight (1) /Zde
5.Requiem for a Chevyweight (2) /Zde
6.A Bundy Thanksgiving /Zde
7.The Juggs Have Left the Building /Zde
8.God Help Ye Merry Bundymen /Zde
9.Crimes Against Obesity /Zde
10.The Stepford Peg /Zde
11.Bud on the Side /Zde
12.Grime and Punishment /Zde
13.T*R*A*S*H /Zde
14.Breaking up is Easy to Do (1) /Zde
15.Breaking up is Easy to Do (2) /Zde
16.Breaking up is Easy to Do (3) /Zde
17.Live Nude Peg /Zde
18.A Babe in Toyland /Zde
19.Birthday Boy Toy /Zde
20.Lez Be Friends /Zde
21.Damn Bundys /Zde
22.The Desperate Half-Hour (1) /Zde
23.How to Marry a Moron (2) /Zde
24.Chicago Shoe Exchange /Zde